Sunday, April 12, 2015


I recently discovered plague doctors, men who used to wear creepy bird-like masks and treat those who had contracted The Plague.  This is what came of the discovery:


A continuation of my "Metamorphosis" series.  I used tea to stain the illustration board.


I know many artists who suffer with some form of depression or anxiety disorder.  It seems to be a part of the creative personality to turn our stress inward.  During one particularly difficult bout recently, I turned to my art for help.  This is what happened:

Affordable Framing

People often ask me about cheap framing options for their reproductions.  This past show, I ran into two people who had a simple and beautiful solution to the "framing costs more than the piece" problem.  They were nice enough to send me photos and a description:

"We cut some plywood and plexiglass at Home Depot to frame the pieces and then put everything together using Swiss binder clips. "

Thanks Cara and Travis for this fantastic idea!